We understand you. We empower you.
We invest in understanding your business processes and understanding you – to design a custom solution that works best for you.
who are ambitious enough to challenge the status quo, and take businesses to the next level. As you aim high and plan for the long run, we join in to co-create new value chains, differentiation propositions and innovative digital platforms to give you the edge.
who are passionate about creating better customer experiences. Whether you are a first-time innovator or a serial entrepreneur – our proven digital expertise can help you turn your concept into a business, with minimal time and investment.
who love solving complex business challenges, and understand the intricacies of modern digital technology. We augment your technology team with specialised skills and subject-matter expertise to drive business value.
Turnaround Leaders,
who, as the name suggests love turning around businesses. Our strategy involves re-pivoting the digital approach throughout the journey, in sync with the changing environment and business need.
Digital TaaS is committed to helping clients and communities transform their core capabilities to create sustainable value in the digital world.
We believe that every firm irrespective of where they are currently positioned has an equal opportunity to disrupt the marketplace with our proprietary platform accelerators and management, strategy & delivery consulting services.
We specialize in digital transformations helping our clients and partners develop business & technology strategies and partnering with them effectively on delivery to create new value chains.
Our core competencies include
lean-agile delivery, organization, business & technology transformations, digital technology, data analytics, microservices, cloud/SaaS migrations & DevOps.
Trusted partners to drive meaningful business outcomes.
Your outcome-driven digital transformation journey needs a trusted and experienced partner who can develop the right strategy and pivot with agility and support you through execution.
Having helped several businesses like you, adopt a successful digital transformation approach, we bring the right mix of strategic insights and digital technology to guarantee deterministic business outcomes.
Leadership Team
Sid Nandi
Co-Founder, CEO
Kash Maddipatla
Co-Founder, COO & CDO
John Jaynes
VP, Sales & Marketing
Austin Lucas
Director, Digital Strategy and User Experience
Aaron Stahl
Creative Director
Anand Dharmareddy
Head of Operations, India
Vishy Vaddadi
Director, Technology Delivery