Applied Materials

Being a global leader in materials engineering solutions, holding over 20% market share in the semiconductor manufacturing space, there is an inherent need to continue to increase sales and marketing efforts which pushed the need for an overhaul on the approach towards identifying new revenue opportunities.

The challenge

As part of our initial assessment we identified a number of underlying themes which contributed to the challenge:

  • Disconnected views into systems, processes and internal identification codes
  • Inability to easily configure non-standard options or upgrades
  • Lack of multidimensional visualization with drill-down capabilities across historical sales of systems, configurations and clients
  • Missing comprehensive product library, showcasing platforms, systems, components and accessories


After a detailed assessment of the internal processes, the DT team recommended building a cross-component digital platform, that would interoperate with each other to create a seamless user experience:

  • Identifying baked pre-existing configurations to building new rules based configurations
  • Comprehensive digital product library serving as the real-time knowledge base
  • Multi-dimensional data analytics view to drive customer identification

The entire digital platform can be maintained via an administration layer creating a seamless experience for businesses to manage the platform in production!