Applied Materials

We helped Applied Materials realize over 2 billion USD in new revenue channels.


Driving a 10% increase in revenue goals and 50% operational efficiencies for the largest semiconductor manufacturing firm.


The client is a global leader in materials engineering solutions, holding over 20 per cent market share in the semiconductor manufacturing space. Their legacy internal processes prevented their employees from delivering a hasslefree customer-experience, resulting in a failure to effectively convert existing revenue generation opportunities. Their internal sales, marketing, product and operations teams were struggling to reform these processes, suffering operational inefficiencies and user-frustration. 

Digital TaaS transformed their digital processes enhancing their revenue generation and operational efficiencies, through improved user-experience. 

The challenge

Digital TaaS estimated lost revenues at values upwards of USD 2 Billion, owing to the team’s inability to identify, conceive and sell non-standard configurations. 

The following were some of the critical challenges identified: 

  • Low visibility into systems, processes and internal identification codes
  • Inability to configure non-standard options or upgrades
  • Ineffective showcase and communication of configuration changes to customers
  • Ineffective customer-interface to calculate options delta
  • Insufficient multidimensional visualisation of drill-down capabilities across historical sales of chambers and clients
  • Poor management of the comprehensive product library, showcasing platforms, systems, components and accessories

This resulted in user-frustration, in their employees as well as customers. 

The Digital TaaS Advantage

After a detailed audit of the internal processes, the Digital TaaS team recommended building a modular component-based model, that would interoperate with other modules on the platform and create a seamless user experience.  The solution included a multi-dimensional data analytics platform that helped employees understand customer needs quickly, and address them without delay. 

A visual platform builder was custom-designed and integrated with their existing systems, adhering to internal rules and compliance standards. Users could now add, modify or remove components as per the exact need, without meddling with the rules engine. Further, a comprehensive digital product catalogue was created, allowing them to explore and compare their options on the platform. 


The Digital TaaS solution helped the company streamline its digital processes for business outcomes, and build seamless user experiences for their employees as well as customers. 

Some of the tangible benefits include – 

  • New revenue channels valued over USD 2 Billion, annually
  • Empowered employees, enhancing operational efficiencies valued at over USD 5 Million, across business roles
  • Customer delight and improved brand reputation