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We are a young company which got multi-faceted technology portfolio in its resources from product management,  solution architecture, full-stack developers, Quality Assurance, UI/UX designers, DevOps, and Cloud enablement with strong marketing and sales teams who understand the client’s problem space, provide technology solutions and can enable digital transformation that is seamless, easy to use and maintain.


A digital strategy which fundamentally shifts the competitive landscape creating new/altered business models is imperative to stay relevant and ahead in a complex inter-connected world


Product definition, roadmap and release map are an integral part of driving incremental product releases towards desired and deterministic business outcomes


Designing impactful human experiences with user research, journey maps, prototypes is a critical aspect of driving business outcomes.


The effusive drive of innovation harnessed with modern digital engineering capabilities like Cloud, IoT, AI/ML, Blockchain realizing the “art of possible”

Our Case Studies 

DigitalTaaS has varied IT solution and services implementation experience successfully executing use cases in digital engineering across health care, supply chain, semiconductor manufacturing, mobility,  digital strategy, digital services, and systems Integration.

Global communications giant with
transformed and decoupled cloud-native
architectures/platforms increasing revenue channels.

Elevating healthcare through
digital transformation to build stronger,
vibrant and healthier communities

Client testimonials

We have won the trust and credibility in understanding the scope and requirements,  working with the client, thinking like the client, committed delivery that is quality and redefining human experience, winning accolades from the top management across the business and IT teams from Applied Materials, Lead5, Swadeshi, Uber, GoHunt, TechMahindra and many.

Digital TaaS was a great partner on our digital transformation journey in driving business outcomes on our provider data quality initiatives from less than 40% to over 95%. They were meticulous in their approach quickly moving from strategy to execution creating digital experiences around automated provider credentialing and facility site reviews which were unique for our colleagues and customers driving significant operational efficiencies in the provider operations area .

Richard Bemis

Chief Digital Officer

Digital TaaS is an excellent business partner. This is not a typical consulting firm that parks itself in your organization and never leaves. They are an excellent provider of turnkey software solutions (I have yet to encounter a technical problem that they didn’t have more than one solution to) that not only solve your immediate issues, but they also have tremendous upside to providing excellent long term value along with being in line with your company’s vision on digital transformation

Rudy Soto

Product Line Manager

Digital TaaS transformed our ideas and concepts into cutting edge software enhancing industry capabilities, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and significantly increasing the value of our company

Lex Keen

CEO and Founder

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