Personalized shopping, Collaborative experience, Curbside pick up

Totes combines everything you love about in-store shopping with the safety and convenience of mobile pay and curbside delivery

Shop with assistance

Totes connects you to the same store employees that help you in the aisles. They see your shopping list, answer your questions, and pack up your order.

Pay with the app

With support for Apple Pay and Google Pay you can complete your purchase safely and securely.

Pick up at your convenience

Totes will notify you when your order is ready for pick up and help you check in when you arrive at the store.

Chat with Customers

Help your customers just like you would in the aisles. Answer their questions and help them choose the exact items for their Totes.

Pack Up Totes

Gather customer merchandise, calculate their total, and submit their Tote for payment.

Deliver Totes Curbside

Get notified when customers arrive and deliver their Totes curbside.

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