One of the largest communication companies in the world, with offices in over 150 locations globally needed an efficient customer engagement platform with an effective sales-flow channel. There was a business need to increase sales, reduce response time and increase revenues by 27%
The business challenge was multi-fold creating a sub-optimal customer experience:
  • Increase sales by 3-6 % on a platform lacking scalability and resilience.
  • Existing monolithic architecture struggling to deliver during high call volumes, which in turn affected user-experience.
  • New environment setup time ~6-8 weeks, severely impacting schedules, costs and customer satisfaction.
  • Lack of capabilities to analyze customer behavior metrics critical to investments in the marketing stream.
The strategic approach was to build a distributed, scalable and resilient cloud-native platform, through a multi-pronged approach.
  • Reengineered digital architecture from monolithic architecture, disintegrating them into 16 discrete functional microservices, deployed through Docker/ Kubernetes cloud cluster.
  • Built a distributed, scalable and resilient cloud-native platform with <250 ms response time, and 25000 transactions per minute capabilities
  • Deployed an Open APIs platform with 109 endpoints, released in 4 phases targeting a variety of stakeholders (internal, partners, agents and public) Captured, measured and analyzed customer behavior metrics to understand user sentiment, through an Adobe analytics module.
As a result of this implementation, the application today enjoys a high rating amongst users, with over 200,000 downloads achieved so far.