One of the largest communication companies in the world, with offices in over 150 locations globally needed an efficient customer engagement platform with an effective sales-flow channel. There was a business need to increase sales, reduce response time and increase revenues by 27%


The business challenge was multi-fold creating a sub-optimal customer experience:

  • Disconnected views into systems, processes and internal identification codes
  • Inability to easily configure non-standard options or upgrades
  • Lack of multidimensional visualization with drill-down capabilities across historical sales of systems, configurations and clients
  • Missing comprehensive product library, showcasing platforms, systems, components and accessories


The strategic approach was to build a distributed, scalable and resilient cloud-native platform, through a multi-pronged approach.

  • Identifying baked pre-existing configurations to building new rules based configurations
  • Comprehensive digital product library serving as the real-time knowledge base
  • Multi-dimensional data analytics view to drive customer identification

As a result of this implementation, the application today enjoys a high rating amongst users, with over 200,000 downloads achieved so far.